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Essential Skills Required for Web Developers

Web development is a serious profession. We basically transform ideas in our heads to reality while creating a website. Honestly speaking, to excel in web development, you need to be skilled in various fields. I am not just speaking about learning to code here. Yes, you heard that right! To become an efficient and successful web developer, you should acquire a lot of other skills too.

Let’s take a look at some of these essential skills here, shall we?

1. Time Management and Prioritization.

As I said, web development is a serious profession and you will easily find yourself in many stressful situations once you start getting more than one project at a time. The deadlines will always be around the corner and you will always be on edge. So, it is important to identify which are the ones you need to complete first- prioritization. Also,
stop procrastinating to have a stress free work life. Manage your time such that your day doesn’t just involve work. Find time to relax, spend time with family; work-life balance is essential for every human being.

2. Communication Skills.

You need to have good communication skills to be successful in any job and more so when it comes to web developers. You need to understand exactly what it is that the client is looking for and communicate the same to your entire team. Always remember, excellent communication skill goes a long way in building a successful business.

3. Knowledge

This is the part and parcel of the job. You need to know your basics to start with and you need to know them well. But trust me, the knowledge shouldn’t be limited to just basics. Your success does depend on the extend of your knowledge. Be as diverse as you can. Read about human psychology, art, and even literature. All these will definitely help you succeed.

4. Stay Updated

Be aware of the new technologies and changes happening around the world. Not just technological advancements, know what is happening around the world in general, what the contemporary trends are, what the new laws are, etc. Staying in the know is important irrespective of your career choice.

5. Up your Social Game

The time for web developers being the cliché nerdy types have come to an end. You need to have a social profile for people to know you. You need to be approachable. Potential clients should be able to look upon your previous projects, your education, etc. A broader network would ensure a bigger business for you. At least have a LinkedIn profile. Face it, no one wants to do business with a John or Jane Doe.

Ajith Jojo

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