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Busting Language Confusions: How to choose a programming language to learn?

Programming Languages are the building blocks of a website. Hence, for you to become a good web developer, it is indeed essential to know a variety of languages. Diversity is always the key and knowing more languages would always add merit to your career. However, it is also important to choose the right languages. After all, in this era, it is smart to work that matters more than hard work.

While choosing to learn a new language, ask yourself these questions.

1. Will this language stay in trend in the near future?

The technological world in under constant change and development, and hence the trend of today might become ancient history in the blink of an eye. It is advised to do extensive research regarding the trend of the language before attempting to learn it. You must ensure that the language would stay popular in the near future. Else, the effort and time you put into learning it would be in awe. Surely, everything cannot be predicted; but it is essential to be wise in making the decision.

2. Will learning this language open up good job opportunities?

A dream job is what everyone is after and in order to achieve that, you need to stand out. No one wants to hire an average employee anymore; at least no one who pays good salaries. Learning a popular and in trend language is the key to flatter employers. Nevertheless, the basic languages of course are not to be neglected. Whatever new languages you learn must only be in addition to your basics.

3. Will I enjoy learning and working with this language?

As much as you love to advance your career, it is also important to enjoy what you do. Your mental health is more important than the money you make. Choose languages that are relatively easy to work with when you are a beginner. Shift to more complex and advanced languages once you feel comfortable. There is absolutely no need to rush into anything. For example, it would be weird and more importantly, a struggle if you attempt to start with RUST without zero knowledge on Java.

Ajith Jojo

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