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How to create Instagram Bot with InstaPy

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to learning how we can make an Instagram bot with InstaPy. InstaPy is a python package, and we can use this to automate our Instagram account,

It will like posts , comment, follow people, unfollow people, and lots more

In this tutorial, we are trying to test some of its abilities,  Sounds good ah ?  let’s get into it.


  1. Firefox Browser  (link)
  2. Python  (install  stable version)  (link)
  3. a Code Editor (link)


Create a folder and open PowerShell in it and run the command

Install InstaPy (in the PowerShell or cmd):

pip install instapy

If you get an error with the previous command:

py -3 -m pip install instapy

Create a file called (u can name it whatever you want) in the folder

# imports
from instapy import InstaPy
from instapy import smart_run

# login credentials
insta_username = 'your username'  # <- enter username here
insta_password = 'yourpassword'  # <- enter password here

# get an InstaPy session!
# set headless_browser=True to run InstaPy in the background
session = InstaPy(username=insta_username,

with smart_run(session):
    """ Activity flow """
    # general settings
    #find 10 profiles with these tags  
    session.like_by_tags(["programming", "#code"], amount=10)

    #follow them all 
    session.set_do_follow(True, percentage=100)

Run the script: open the same powershell then run


then it will launch a firefox browser and it will automatically find matching profiles and like images and follow people

to know more watch the video








Ajith Jojo

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