How to get data from a model on all pages in Laravel – Simple Way

Do you know How to get data from a model on all pages in Laravel ? In this blog post, i will explain that.

normally in Laravel, we have to use controllers and models to get data from a database to a view. today I will show you how to call a model two all pages of a Laravel application.

For that, we have to modify the AppServiceProvider.php file. we have to add some codes inside the boot() function.

Step 1: Go to app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php


Step 2: Add View Share function

use App\Models\setting;   //call your model
class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider 
    public function boot() 
        $setings = setting::find(1);                   
        View::share(['settings' =>$setings]);   

Step 3: Call the data in Blade template

{{ $settings->websitename }}

Thats all . this is how its works ..  i will give you another example how you can call a single variable to all views


How to call a variable in all views in Laravel

class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider 
    public function boot() 
        view()->share('sitename', 'My Awesome Website');

Same like in blade template you can call this anywhere


Simple as that. Hope this helps

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