How to backup and download Database using PHP

Learn How to backup and download Database using PHP. Most of the time we develop some applications, the most important thing is our database.
And most of people need the download database option inside their application for taking a backup.

creating database backup Dynamically with PHP program will be hand in many situations. We can download the backup process periodically.
Taking the mysql database backup using PHP programming is Simple. we are going to learn how to backup MySQL database as .sql with a simple core PHP code.

First, I get the database connection object to get the table schema and data to be dumped into a file. I read all the table names from the database and store into an array.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how we can make a database backup with PHP. This will work with PHP 7 and higher versions of it

I wrote a function for export database here it is

    $mysqlUserName      = 'databaseusername';
    $mysqlPassword      = 'databasepassword';
    $mysqlHostName      = 'localhost';
    $DbName             = 'mydatabasename';
    Export_Database($mysqlHostName,$mysqlUserName,$mysqlPassword,$DbName,  $tables=false, $backup_name=false );

    function Export_Database($host,$user,$pass,$name,  $tables=false, $backup_name=false )
        $mysqli = new mysqli($host,$user,$pass,$name); 
        $mysqli->query("SET NAMES 'utf8'");

        $queryTables    = $mysqli->query('SHOW TABLES'); 
        while($row = $queryTables->fetch_row()) 
            $target_tables[] = $row[0]; 
        if($tables !== false) 
            $target_tables = array_intersect( $target_tables, $tables); 
        foreach($target_tables as $table)
            $result         =   $mysqli->query('SELECT * FROM '.$table);  
            $fields_amount  =   $result->field_count;  
            $res            =   $mysqli->query('SHOW CREATE TABLE '.$table); 
            $TableMLine     =   $res->fetch_row();
            $content        = (!isset($content) ?  '' : $content) . "\n\n".$TableMLine[1].";\n\n";

            for ($i = 0, $st_counter = 0; $i < $fields_amount;   $i++, $st_counter=0) 
                while($row = $result->fetch_row())  
                { //when started (and every after 100 command cycle):
                    if ($st_counter%100 == 0 || $st_counter == 0 )  
                            $content .= "\nINSERT INTO ".$table." VALUES";
                    $content .= "\n(";
                    for($j=0; $j<$fields_amount; $j++)  
                        $row[$j] = str_replace("\n","\\n", addslashes($row[$j]) ); 
                        if (isset($row[$j]))
                            $content .= '"'.$row[$j].'"' ; 
                            $content .= '""';
                        if ($j<($fields_amount-1))
                                $content.= ',';
                    $content .=")";
                    //every after 100 command cycle [or at last line] ....p.s. but should be inserted 1 cycle eariler
                    if ( (($st_counter+1)%100==0 && $st_counter!=0) || $st_counter+1==$rows_num) 
                        $content .= ";";
                        $content .= ",";
            } $content .="\n\n\n";
        $backup_name = $name.".sql";
        header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream');   
        header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: Binary"); 
        header("Content-disposition: attachment; filename=\"".$backup_name."\"");  
        echo $content; exit;



Woot. that’s all.. just run this function and your database will download as .SQL file

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