How to run Laravel php artisan migrate in a controller

After deploying your software updates you may need to run the  “php artisan migrate” command. that you can do it simply if you are in a development server or by using a terminal.

but in some cases, you don’t have a terminal to do it. so then what do you do?  if I were in your position I will make a function to do it. when I browse a URL it will get executed.

so first we have to create a controller and create a function in it

public function runupdate()

Yes you just need to call this Artisan::call('migrate');  Function

but you have to add  use Artisan;   namespace in the top


and the final code will look like this 

use Artisan;

class Yourcontrollername extends Controller
   public function runupdate()


Hope this helps .. See you in the next one…


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