How to work with Rapidapi using PHP CURL

I used to develop API and share it with RapidAPI. and get messages from people who like my API but they don’t know how to integrate the API with their website. So in this post, I will tell you how you can integrate API from Rapidapi into your website.

We mostly use the CURL method to send a GET request. I will explain how to create a CURL request with PHP and how to get data from RapidAPI.

So I took my Google Keyword Research API as an Example  


$curl = curl_init();

curl_setopt_array($curl, [
    CURLOPT_URL => "",
        "X-RapidAPI-Key: xxxxxxxxxx- REPLACE YOUR API KEY HERE-xxxxxxxxx"

$response = curl_exec($curl);
$err = curl_error($curl);


if ($err) {
    echo "cURL Error #:" . $err;
} else {
    echo $response;

So if you want to know how to make a small app with rapid API .. that’s a topic for another blog

Hope this help you.

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