How to convert a PHP array into JSON

Do you know How to convert a PHP array into JSON,  I will explain step by step in this tutorial.

If you are working with small frontend applications and you may not use a high-level framework like Laravel.  so that time you can use the help of this.

So I will explain How to Convert PHP array to JSON.

At the top of your PHP script, you have to add a header that mentions this is JSON.

header('Content-Type: application/json');

How lets create an array

$array = array();
$array['status'] = "true";
$array['name'] = "John";
$array['email'] = "[email protected]";

Convert this array to a JSON

echo json_encode($array,JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);


Now lets Look into the Example Source Code

Convert a PHP array into JSON Example

header('Content-Type: application/json');

$array = array(); 
$array['status'] = "true"; 
$array['name'] = "John"; 
$array['email'] = "[email protected]";

echo  json_encode($array,JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);


That’s all. Hope you like this

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