TinyMCE Rich text editor with server side Image upload using PHP

I used different rich text editors but the main problem is image upload.. Every time i try to upload an image it goes with a blob format or nothing.

If it’s converted as a blob my database will fill with image code. what actually i want is to convert that as an image tag with URL. and I am finally found a way here I am sharing it with you all.

first, let’s go to https://www.tiny.cloud/ and grab your API key and it’s free. you have to add your domains to tiny’s site to verify.

now let’s write the code.

Then, create a front end file for display the editor


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.3.js"></script>
 <script src="https://cdn.tiny.cloud/1/xxxxxxxxxxYOUR_API_KEY_HERExxxxxxx/tinymce/6/tinymce.min.js" referrerpolicy="origin"></script>

    selector: '#myTextarea',
    plugins: 'image',
    toolbar: 'undo redo | styles | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | outdent indent | image',
    // without images_upload_url set, Upload tab won't show up
    images_upload_url: 'upload.php',    


const image_upload_handler_callback = (blobInfo, progress) => new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    const xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
    xhr.withCredentials = false;
    xhr.open('POST', 'upload.php');
    xhr.upload.onprogress = (e) => {
        progress(e.loaded / e.total * 100);
    xhr.onload = () => {
        if (xhr.status === 403) {
            reject({ message: 'HTTP Error: ' + xhr.status, remove: true });
        if (xhr.status < 200 || xhr.status >= 300) {
            reject('HTTP Error: ' + xhr.status);
        const json = JSON.parse(xhr.responseText);
        if (!json || typeof json.location != 'string') {
            reject('Invalid JSON: ' + xhr.responseText);
    xhr.onerror = () => {
      reject('Image upload failed due to a XHR Transport error. Code: ' + xhr.status);
    const formData = new FormData();
    formData.append('file', blobInfo.blob(), blobInfo.filename());


    <h2>PHP Image Upload using TinyMCE Editor</h2>
    <form action="" method="post">
    <textarea id="myTextarea" name="post"></textarea>
    <button type="submit">Submit </button>




Which will something look like this

Now what …….

we have to add our PHP code to save the images into a folder called uploads.

so create a file called upload.php

and add this code into that

// Only these origins are allowed to upload images 
$accepted_origins = array("http://localhost", "https://codeconia.com", "http://example.com"); 
// Set the upload folder 
$imageFolder = "uploads/"; 
if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ORIGIN'])) { 
    // same-origin requests won't set an origin. If the origin is set, it must be valid. 
    if (in_array($_SERVER['HTTP_ORIGIN'], $accepted_origins)) { 
        header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: ' . $_SERVER['HTTP_ORIGIN']); 
    } else { 
        header("HTTP/1.1 403 Origin Denied"); 
// Don't attempt to process the upload on an OPTIONS request 
    header("Access-Control-Allow-Methods: POST, OPTIONS"); 
reset ($_FILES); 
$temp = current($_FILES); 
if (is_uploaded_file($temp['tmp_name'])){ 
    // Sanitize input 
    if (preg_match("/([^\w\s\d\-_~,;:\[\]\(\).])|([\.]{2,})/", $temp['name'])) { 
        header("HTTP/1.1 400 Invalid file name."); 
    // Verify extension 
    if (!in_array(strtolower(pathinfo($temp['name'], PATHINFO_EXTENSION)), array("gif", "jpg", "jpeg", "png"))) { 
        header("HTTP/1.1 400 Invalid extension."); 
    // Accept upload if there was no origin, or if it is an accepted origin 
    $filetowrite = $imageFolder . $temp['name']; 
    if(move_uploaded_file($temp['tmp_name'], $filetowrite)){ 
        // Determine the base URL 
        $protocol = isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on' ? "https://" : "http://"; 
        $baseurl = $protocol . $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . rtrim(dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']), "/") . "/"; 
        // { location : '/your/uploaded/image/file'} 
        echo json_encode(array('location' => $baseurl . $filetowrite)); 
        header("HTTP/1.1 400 Upload failed."); 
} else { 
    // Notify editor that the upload failed 
    header("HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error"); 

Woohooo.. thats all my boys .. its ready .

I will attach the source code with this .. so you can simply download and use it.

Thank you ..

Download Source Code : 

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