How Choose the best VPS for your Linux Server vs Windows Server?

So, have you decided to take the VPS web hosting server? The Virtual Private Server is the best web hosting infrastructure giving more solutions for your enterprise-level web hosting. In this, a physical server is divided into different virtual servers with independent operating systems like Linux and Windows. Linux VPS servers are compatible with operating systems like CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian. You can try now VPS hosting from MilesWeb.

However, it is not only Linux VPS servers but there is also other operating system servers Windows. Although many of you think that Windows operating system is only meant for computing task, but you can opt for MilesWeb’s Windows VPS hosting and host volumes of web projects hassle-free. Now, the major question is which is more suitable for you and how can you choose the perfect one for you. You can click here to view plans of Windows VPS Hosting.

Also, how can you choose them according to your web hosting requirements. This guide gives you an answer. Keep reading.

Linux VPS Server Advantages

The Linux VPS hosting server is a kind of VPS servers where Linux operating system is installed. Also these VPS servers work with different frameworks like Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and others. MilesWeb offers these Linux VPS servers where web hosting account users host websites or applications of a framework of PHP, Perl, and others.

Remember that the Linux operating system gives you more flexibility in the web hosting operation. You will be getting control panels (cPanel and DirectAdmin) for managing the web file, web projects and others. Therefore, Linux emerges as a popular choice among business and developers.

It is an open-source operating system, anon malware and viruses. Windows, on the other hand, will require you to install a plethora of security software to combat SQL attacks and script kiddies.

Windows VPS Server Advantages

The primary advantage of the Windows VPS hosting server is that this operating system has a comfortable and user-friendly interface. So, those who are beginners and are unable to figure out whether the Windows VPS server is good for them or not, they must try this server once.
Talking about the framework and applications’ accessibility, Windows VPS servers are accessible on ASP.NET frameworks and give you an optimal performance on the same.  This VPS hosting server also give a secured web hosting infrastructure and host volumes of resources-intensive web applications and other related projects.

How can I choose the Linux and Windows VPS servers?

1. Costs

Do not overlook costs of the Windows and Linux VPS servers. But in comparison of both, Linux VPS servers are comparatively lower. Windows VPS servers are higher in cost as the technical frameworks are complex in this kind of web hosting service.

2. Compatibility

Linux is ideal for open source software such as PHP/Perl, ROR, Java, Python, SSH, CGI, FrontPage Extensions, etc. Windows is ideal for Windows-specific applications such as ASP Classic,, MySQL, C#, VB development, MS Access, etc. If you wish to get a VPS for website hosting purposes, then if your website’s language is not ASP, Linux will almost always be a better choice.

3. Safety

Linux has made huge strides in web hosting security compared to Windows. With more professional and user-friendly control panels available on Linux distributions (eg cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.), it can be said that Linux has an edge over Windows when it comes to security.
Here are two great blog posts so you know how to secure Windows/Linux servers.

4. Ease of use

When working with Linux, a command line interface is used (of course it is possible to install a graphical environment), but Windows has an intuitive GUI (ie, a graphical user interface).

5. Performance

In general, Linux uses less RAM than Windows because most use cases use a command-line interface, while Windows uses a complex graphical environment. Linux is also widely considered to be more stable than Windows in the web hosting industry. Windows can be quite hungry if not properly optimized.

Hosting on Windows or Linux? You need to research the pros and cons of each option to understand. The main advantage of VPS Windows will be the user-friendly graphical interface. It will not be difficult to understand everything, it is simple and quite functional. This is a good solution for beginners as most of them are still familiar with Windows.

Which OS is the best choice for a server if you use Microsoft software? If your project is heavily dependent on Microsoft software, you should opt for a Windows VPS. For websites with MSSQL support, Windows will provide good performance and computing power. Windows VPS runs on a platform with a high level of processor performance. How not to notice the obvious plus of remote desktop access. You can manage the server from anywhere while Linux requires SSH protection.

Final Words

The operating system in the VPS hosting server matters a lot because it determines the quality of web hosting operations. MilesWeb meet your VPS web hosting requirements with a reliable control panel, managed and unmanaged support with a full root control.


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