Managed Dedicated server: What Is It and What’s Included? 

There are many website owners who look for shared hosting plans when they are launching websites for the first time. It seems the cheapest and a reliable web hosting option. However, with the growing websites, you need to upgrade your web hosting plans to get a substantial web hosting  infrastructure. Now, will the same web hosting infrastructure be suitable when it comes to hosting  resource-intensive websites and applications. But many of you do not opt for this web hosting  service after reading its price tags.  So, don’t worry! MilesWeb’s enterprise-class dedicated servers offer the best performance, speed, security & more which you can easily purchase now.

To start with, Dedicated hosting services should be in the first place in your to-do list. For instance, you are having the issue with a rise in immediate traffic, or anticipating growth in the near future.  Dedicated servers are a good web hosting options, along with their strong enhanced security features and potential positive impact on page loading times. They are also called as MilesWeb’s best bare metal servers.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers or bare metal servers are a server in itself with no server resources sharing with  other hosting account users. These servers offer a higher power and flexibility, but usually comes at a  premium cost. In such cases, you must have to research well about the dedicated hosting service providers.

MilesWeb is the leading dedicated web hosting provider having servers with Intel Xeon Processors  and their dedicated servers are compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.  Get a
dedicated IP address and the full root control over the server to perform all customization related  activities. Hence, there is a requirement of the dedicated server.

There are two different types of dedicated servers. Those are managed and unmanaged dedicated web hosting servers.

What is Managed Hosting?

The managed server hosting service means web hosting providers take responsibility for managing the hosting side of the site. The web hosting provider looks after, server administration, and
management of the server.

The services given by the hosting site depend on the package and the hosting company.  Commonly given services are:
● 24×7 Updates
● Server Security Audits
● Solving server issues
● Virus and Spam protection
● Hardware Regular management
● Server Network infrastructure management

You can upgrade from shared or VPS hosting servers to a dedicated one and scale your presence.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Managed dedicated web hosting services means web hosting providers are offering dedicated servers with a 24×7 customer support. All sever related maintenance, configurations and installation part of software and applications on servers. MilesWeb offers the same at additional costs.

Pros of Managed Server Hosting

Below are highlighted some of the essential reasons you can opt for fully managed dedicated servers:


The server reliability is a major important reason in web hosting operations. If you have chosen a fully managed dedicated server, the entire hosting aspects and technical activities will be on web  hosting providers. And if you are hosting web projects on reliable servers, it will ultimately benefit you in scaling your online presence. With MilesWeb’s managed dedicated servers there is a reliable  web hosting infrastructure to host volumes of web projects at a higher uptime and a good downtime.


Fully managed dedicated servers are an ideal web hosting option to run the business operation with no problems in the hosting resource. Scaling your website requires a greater network bandwidth and an additional server resources. However, not every web hosting plan meet this parameter and you land up looking for dedicated servers. With managed dedicated servers, you have the freedom to host n number of websites and domains in an allocated server resource.


MilesWeb’s managed dedicated web hosting plans are flexible in meeting different types of dedicated hosting requirements. In shared servers there is one problem is the possible uptime there is a need to use a number of customized application software. However, not the same case is with Dedicated servers as there are no need to share the resource with any other websites because the entire web server is yours and hold the complete control.


A good level of data security is a must to make your website less vulnerable to cybercrime threats. A  malware protection on the server completely blocks the interactions with the websites that are likely  to be considering installing malicious software that could harm your PC. With such managed  dedicated servers, get administrative access you can install the security software and allow the  update on your important websites and files.

Final Words

Managed dedicated servers with a good customer support and reliable resources are essential for
enterprises. After all, they have to build their online presence and generate revenue through websites. MilesWeb’s managed dedicated web hosting servers come up with SSL certifications and many more.

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